About us

About us
Ocenic Resins S.L. is a privately owned plastics technology company, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of property balanced compounded bioresins, to generate biodegradable commodity articles such as packaging, plates, cups, straws, etc.. Our resins aim to replace non-biodegradable petrochemical-derived plastic articles.
Circular Bioeconomy
Bioresins Innovation
Ocean care
Ocenic Resins S.L. founders and employees gather technologists, industrialists and entrepreneurs with more than 20 years experience in bioplastics technology and commercialization of plastic commodities.
Our mission is to supply converters with the best products to adapt to the new foreseeable legislation changes on disposable/short life plastic materials, which will soon require that products such as packaging, cups, ear swabs, coffee capsules, plates, straws, and plastic cutlery, integrate in circular economy and bioeconomy strategies.
Our vision is to become market leader in the biodegradable disposable articles sector, in constant evolution to provide our customers with the best innovative compounding solutions.